ISBA 2000 (Crete) Cabaret, June 1, 2000

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The hotel band, playing on an "island" in the main pool during the conference dinner (the poster/bar area is visible in the distance to the right) And now, the cabaret warmup band: L-R, Soren Lundbye-Christensen (keys), Claus Dethlefsen (trumpet), Jennifer Hill (percussion), Mark Glickman (bass), and David Heckerman (guitar) Our master of ceremonies, Prof. Dr. Tony O'Hagan
Your humble musical director, Brad Carlin, performing "Ain't too Proud to Bayes" with... ..."the Bayesettes": L-R, Alicia Carriquiry, Susie Bayarri, and Jennifer Hill Brad, Bayesettes, and David
Legendary juggler/comedian John Castelloe Composer/guitarist Peter Robbins doing "Hotel Royal Knossos" Wacky jokester and limerick author Aart DeVos
Jennifer Hill and the band on "These are the Bayes" (Alicia Carriquiry on percussion now) Jennifer, Alicia, and David Claus Dethlefsen setting up the "Great Danes" sketch