ISBA 2000 (Crete) Cabaret, June 1, 2000

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"The Great Danes": Soren Lundbye-Christensen, Claus Dethlefsen, and friends, with their toilet paper shop sketch.... Brad, David, and Tony enjoying Soren's bit the Great Danes' heartwarming tribute to Steffen Lauritzen
so why is Claus playing trumpet while wearing a wetsuit, clown nose and a thong?... ...we're not sure, but he seems to be enjoying it! So which is the *real* Steffen Lauritzen? (Hey Jose - get your mask on!)
Brani Vidakovic, doing some traditional Greek/gypsy music Mark Glickman, doing the lead vocal on his reworking of the Guess Who classic, "No Time" David Heckerman again (wait a minute -- I thought Mark was playing the bass?...)
And now, the ISBA Thespians, performing Tony O'Hagan's play, "Oedipus the Cretan": Sonia Petrone and Mik as Queen Likelihood Principle and King Thomas of Bayos King Neyman (Mik), Queen Pearson (Pilar Iglesias), baby Oedipus, and the chorus A closeup of the chorus: Pam Abbitt, John Winn, and Nicky Best