ISBA 2000 (Crete) Cabaret, June 1, 2000

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More of "Oedipus the Cretan," with the minotaur played by Hedibert Freitas Lopes   The cast, taking a final bow. L-R: Sonia, Mik, Pilar, Marco Ferreira (Oedipus), and Hedibert. At far left is stage manager Caterina Conigliani.
Saving the best for last: several shots of "ISBA", the closing number performed (to the tune of "YMCA") by the Royal Knossos Village People: (L-R) David Higdon, Ed George, Hal Stern, Jim Berger, and Leo Knorr-Held it's easy to see which of these guys showed up for rehearsal! David, "Touchdown Ed," and Hal
Finally, a few shots of the dance floor during the band's post-cabaret rock and roll set Susie Bayarri and Mike West getting funky, with Jennifer now signaling touchdown "I can't believe I have to catch a 5:30 am bus to the airport..."