Data sets and associated software programs for Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Spatial Data, 2nd ed. (ISBN-13: 978-1-4398-1917-3), by S. Banerjee, B.P. Carlin and A.E. Gelfand, Boca Raton, FL: Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, 2014.

Here are electronic versions of the most of the data sets, and their page number(s) in the book -- help yourself!

Maps_Geodesics.R (pp.16-19)
newdata.csv (p.16)
ColoradoS-T.dat (pp. 18, 378)

scallops.txt (p.19)
myscallops.txt (pp.51, 195)

EDA_Variograms.R (pp. 44-49)

coal.ash.txt (page 51)

Areal.R (pp. 88-94)
state-sat.dat (page 90; c.f. map on p.75)
gstatessub.shp, the ArcView shape file for the lower 48 US states

Columbus.dat (page 96)

kieger.dat (book format) (page 119)
kieger.dat (WinBUGS format)

direct.bug (WinBUGS 1.4 code for direct fitting of an exponential H matrix) (pages 118, 120)
direct.bigdat ("Big" (N=100) data set for direct exponential kriging) (page 120)

SpatialPredictions.odc (WinBUGS code and data) (page 128)
NuggetPredictions.odc (WinBUGS code and data) (page 128)

BatonRougebinary.bug, the full WinBUGS code for the binary kriging example (page 138)

Univariate_Spatial_Regression.R (pp. 140-150) (contains shapefiles for the BEF data that are included in spBayes and used by Univariate_Spatial_Regression.R. The zip folder is required only for predictions.)

Lipsbrad.odc, the full WinBUGS code for the Scottish lip cancer example (page 158)

Lithology.dat (page 161)

BatonRouge.dat (page 162)

coloreccols.dat, the colorectal late detection data in standard column format (page 163)
colorecbugs.dat, the colorectal late detection data and screening covariate data in WinBUGS format
poly.S and poly.R, the S (or R) routine that extracts the county polygons for any state in the US

[On a closely related point, you may also wish to see Ms. Yue Cui's page on getting boundaries from ArcView (Version 8.x or lower) into WinBUGS , so that the latter can build the adjacency matrix and enable MCMC sampling and posterior mapping over any set of regional boundaries (not just counties) available in ArcView!]

myscallops.dat (page 195)

tompkins.dat (page 197)

initial-exploration-spMvLM.R (pp. 297--301) (data used by initial-exploration-spMvLM.R)

ColoradoLMC.dat (page 303)

ColoradoS-T.dat (page 378)

ohio.dat (raw data) (page 379)
ohio_adj.dat (adjacency matrix)
ohio_coord.dat (centroid coordinates)
CANDAT.gz (gzipped file of the full Ohio cancer mortality data, by age bracket)
CANDAT.readme (a readme file identifying the columns of CANDAT)

Big_N_Pred_Proc.R (pp. 405--410)

MAC.dat (page 475)

smoking.dat (page 476)

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