PubH 8403: Research Skills in Biostatistics (Fall 2016)

Instructor: Brad Carlin (e-mail: brad[*at*]biostat[*dot*]umn[*dot*]edu)

Course meetings: We will meet once a week: Wed 2:30pm - 3:20pm in Mayo A434 (the Mayo 4 Biostat conference room).

This is a 1 credit course. Prequisites are Stat 8101-02 and admission to the PhD program in Biostatistics, or instructor's consent. If you are unsure about your qualifications for the course, please contact the instructor.

This course introduces doctoral students in Biostatistics to research skills necessary for writing and defending a dissertation, and more generally for a career in research. Format and course topics will vary from week to week, as described in the syllabus (link below). Students will be given assignments to reinforce skills presented in class. The class meeting time (immediately before seminars) was chosen to facilitate subsequent seminar attendance, since learning how to both give and listen to scholarly talks is itself a research skill. The seminars are preceeded by a social tea just outside Mayo A434.

There is no required text for the course, but readings and websites will be provided as needed.

Here are some useful links:

There is no TA for this course; however, Dr. Carlin will hold office hours every Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 pm except the second Wednesday of each month, when the Biostatistics Seminar is replaced by the division's monthly faculty meeting.

Students will be given assignments to reinforce skills presented in class. All students must complete all assignments (including the short oral presentation) and attend a minimum of 4 divisional seminars in order to earn a grade of "S". Students may provide each other with feedback on some assignments; for example, we will use a version of rubric originally designed at Iowa State University to help students provide each other with constructive criticisms on oral presentations. A diverse faculty panel will also assist here.

CLASS NOTES (to be supplemented over the course of the semester):