Various pictures, mostly of Brad's adorable kids:

Josh, Brad, and Sam at the Minnesota State Fair, August 2000:

Sam, Nate and Brad at Grandma & Grandpa's house in Lincoln, Nebraska, Thanksgiving 2000:

Brad putting up Xmas lights, December 2000:

The three boys in front of the Christmas tree before we cut it down, December 2000:

Some nice shots (courtesy of Wayne Kempenaar) of Nathan Alexander Carlin, 3/7/99, aged 6.5 months, getting baptised at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Edina:

Quite a crowd on stage here (5 adults, 5 children):

I hope I don't drop this shell/baptismal font on Josh's head:

Pensive Caroline and Nate:

Another lap around the congretation for Nate and Rev. Bill Mate:

Jon and Brad performing "The Greatest Discovery" by Elton John and Bernie Taupin just afterwards:

Back in time: Caroline and Nathan Alexander Carlin, 8/13/98, aged 5 minutes:

Weighing in at 7 lbs, 7.3 oz:

First bath:

Brad, Nate, Josh (4) and Sam (6) the next day:

Muscle man Sam:

Happy Josh:

Playing baseball in our front yard (Grandpa Carlin in background):

Jammie time (Sam age 3, Josh age 1):

What boys do when they see puddles (Sam age 4, Josh age 2): now they need a

Group shot (with cousin Bridget):

What we all listen to on the radio every fall Saturday:

Close up of previous shot:

And now some band pics: First, a shot of the Good Samaritan UMC band, Homeward Bound: (L-R) Laurie Noren, bass, percussion and vocals; Jim Fuller, guitar and vocals; Rich Jahnke, guitar and vocals; John Noren, drums and percussion; Brad Carlin, keyboards and vocals; Colin Nelson, bass, tenor sax and vocals.

Next, some shots of The BioRhythms, the Biostat divisional band (Brad Carlin, keys; Donna Seehausen, vocals; Lance Waller, guitar), Christmas 1997:

Between songs:

The thirsty Dr. Eberly, the hirsute Dr. Louis,...

...and the hirsute (?) Dr. Carlin:

Less hirsute and visually corrected:

And now, one serious item...

Color maps of average age, percentage male, percent high SES, and percent black for children visiting ER's for asthma attacks in the Atlanta, GA metro area during the summers of 1993--1995:

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