Data sets and associated software programs for Bayesian Adaptive Methods for Clinical Trials (ISBN: TBA), by S.M. Berry, B.P. Carlin, J.J. Lee, and P. Muller, Boca Raton, FL: Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, 2010.

Here are electronic versions of the many of the the data sets and computer programs, and their page number(s) in Chapter 2 of the book -- help yourself!

nnDon.R (p. 22)
nnDon2.R (p. 24)

beta194.R (p. 35)
betapriors.R (p. 38)
betaposts.R (p. 39)

Janicak.txt (page 53)
beta10745.R (page 54)
beta4by4plot.R (page 55)
betabinHM_BUGS.txt (pp. 58-59)
betabinHM_data.txt (pp. 58-59)
betabinHM_inits.txt (pp. 58-59)
betabinHM.R (pp. 59-62)
betabinHM_new.R (pp. 59-62)

Weibull survival model (pp. 75)
[NOTE: For full information on this problem, please see Example 3 on this page!]

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