Data sets and associated software programs for Bayesian Adaptive Methods for Clinical Trials (ISBN: TBA), by S.M. Berry, B.P. Carlin, J.J. Lee, and P. Muller, Boca Raton, FL: Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, 2010.

Here are electronic versions of the many of the the data sets and computer programs, and their page number(s) in Chapter 4 of the book -- help yourself!

Phase II PP Design, a standalone desktop program to implement the Phase II predictive probability designs of the sort illustrated in Example 4.2 (p. 149)

MultcLean, the "lean" version of the Multc clinical trial software that enables stopping for futility, efficacy, or toxicity with binary data (p. 152)
431.R, a simple R implementation of this same basic approach, e.g., Thall Simon and Estey (1995) (p. 152)

Adaptive Randomization (AR), the MD Anderson software package used to implement Algorithm 4.3 in Example 4.4 (p. 156)

35.R, a basic R implementation of the optimal biologic dosing method (Algorithm 4.4) using the FFBS method (Algorithm 4.5) in Example 4.5 (pp. 164-167)

443.R, a basic R implementation of the Huang et al (2009) method adaptive allocation with survival response, illustrated in Example 4.7 (p. 171); see also this helpful debugging note from Dr. John Reynolds of Monash University.

seqdesphII, a software package written by David Rossell for implementing the decision-theoretic screening design of Algorithm 4.9; look under "2006 papers" (p. 180)

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