The Valencia 6 Cabaret was held in a disco on the beachwalk near the conference hotel in Las Fuentes, Spain. Here are some shots of many of the acts, in chronological order of appearance:

First, the warm-up band: David Heckerman (bass), Soren Lundbye-Christensen (keys), Michael Lavine (blues harp)

The "Lord of the Revels," Prof. Dr. Tony O'Hagan (or is it Joel Gray)?

``[Markov] Chain of Fools,'' as performed by (L-R) Brad Carlin (keys), Mark Glickman (guitar), Michael Lavine (harp), and backing vocals by "Las Bayesianas": the smiley Susie Bayarri [Espana], the ecstatic Alicia Carriquiry [Uruguay], and the slightly more reserved Raquel Prado [Venezuela]. (David Heckerman (bass) is off to the left.)

The Duke grad students, performing one of their two contributions, "Jose Bernardo" and "Bayesian Wonderland":

Magician-juggler-probabilist Antonietta Mira, setting up the "jumping ash" trick:

The golden tones of Maria-Eglee Perez, as accompanied by Luis Pericchi (guitar) on "One Note Samba", "Bolero", and "Summertime":

The Lord of the Revels interviews Rev. Thomas Bayes (inhabiting the body of Tom Leonard):

"Valencia Wood", with Mark Glickman on guitar and lead vocal, and Brad on harmony:

A few of the participants in the Blue Danube sketch, led by the "Great Danes," Claus Dethlefsen (center) and Soren Lundbye-Christensen (right):

"Jugglemania," now a cabaret tradition, as led by Michael Newton: (Mike's act concluded with him juggling several glass wine bottles with the room darkened except for a strobe light!)

The Nottingham grad students, performing "Bayesian Boy":

Finally, several shots of "The Full Monty Carlo", the closing act to end all closing acts: A male striptease performed by David Spiegelhalter, Steve Brooks, Ed George, Bill Strawderman, Brunero Liseo, and Jim Berger, with musical accompaniment by [appropriately] Joe Cocker (singing "You Can Leave Your Hat On").

Ed, Steve, and David (L-R); I think that's the back of choreographer Julia Mortera's head just to the right of Steve's sarong:

Same, with Brunero over Ed's left shoulder and Bill between Steve and David (Jim is apparently lost trying to find the stage):

The big finish, with the boys revealing their "Bayes Rules!" conference T-shirt/bikinis:

Thanks to Maria Eglee Perez and Caterina Conigliani for many of these shots!

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