University of Minnesota

School of Public Health

Division of Biostatistics

PubH 8442 Bayes Decision Theory and Data Analysis- Spring 2011



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Dr. Cavan Reilly

Teaching Assistant:

Qian Ren

C++ program illustrating the use of the Metropolis algorithm within the Gibbs sampler

Office hours for Cavan Reilly: TTh 4:00-5:00 in Mayo A-440 (612.624.9644)

Office hours for Qian Ren: W 12-2 in Mayo A-452

Data Type

Data Set

Logistic regression

Logistic regression data set


Reticulin length data set

Time series

PCR gene decay data

Spatial data

Census tract adjacency structure

Cancer rate data

Census tract population

Censored data

Viral load and CD4 count data

Multinomial Time Series

Multinomial data

Test score data

Test score data