Datasets for Richly Parameterized Linear Models: Additive, Time Series, and Spatial Models Using Random Effects.

This page gives datasets with documentation for most of the examples analyzed in the book. Datasets are not included for Examples 3 (Estimating glomerular filtration rate), 4 (Experimental plots in a long row), 12 (Colon cancer treatment effect), and 14 (Health effects of pollutants).

For each remaining example, you can get the dataset in either comma-delimited text (.csv) or Excel format (.xls), and documentation in a text (.txt) README file, with two exceptions. The exceptions are Examples 10 (Slovenian stomach cancer) and 15 (Peridontal measurements). For Example 10, the dataset and documentation are all in the same .txt file, with the dataset input using R commands. For Example 15, one of the datasets is too large for .xls format so the Excel version is a .xlsx file.

The datasets

  • Example 1. Molecular structure of a virus.

  • Example 2. Imaging vocal folds.

  • Example 5. Global mean surface temperature.

  • Example 6. Pig jawbone properties.

  • Example 7. Soft liner gaps.

  • Example 8. Localizing epileptic activity (optical-imaging data).

  • Example 9. HMO premiums.

  • Example 10. Stomach cancer in Slovenia.

  • Example 11. Kids and crowns.

  • Example 13. Epidermal nerve density.

  • Example 15. Periodontal measurements.