Microarray Data

Rat data with and without middle ear infection, using Clontech's Atlas Rat 1.2 Array

  1. Data: observed expression levels.
    Description: row--gene, column--array; total 1176 genes, 8 arrays.
    The first two columns are for controls while the last six are for rats with infection.
  2. The correspondence of each gene in the data file to its coordinate on the array.
  3. The Atlas Rat 1.2 Array description file that contains each gene's Gene #, Gene Name, Coordinate, GenBank Accession #, Swiss-Prot Accession #, Classification. In particular, using the coordinate of a gene, one can find its name and GenBank Accession #.
  4. For a more detailed description on the data, see
    Pan, W., Lin, J. and Le, C. (2002) ``Model-Based Cluster Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data". GenomeBiology, /2002/3/2/research/0009.
    It used columns (i.e. arrays) 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 of the above data file.