Lynn E. Eberly

Associate Professor

A-465 Mayo, MMC 303

420 Delaware Street S.E.

Minneapolis, MN 55455


Division of Biostatistics

Brief sketch
I earned an MS and a PhD in Statistics from Cornell University, and a BA in Mathematics and German Language and Literature from Washington University in St. Louis. My area of statistical expertise is methods for and applications to correlated data, including longitudinal cohort studies and medical imaging data. I am heavily involved in collaborative research with other faculty in the School of Public Health, the Medical School, the College of Pharmacy, and the School of Nursing. My collaborative research has historically been in longitudinal epidemiological studies, but has recently expanded into human and animal studies using structural and functional imaging (NMR spectroscopy, MRI, fMRI, etc.). I have worked in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, geriatric pharmacoepidemiology, endocrinology, environmental health, and ecology/wildlife biology. My collaborative work allows me to learn about wide ranging areas of science, which is what drew me to statistics many years ago. I collaborate extensively with members of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, and I am a member of the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center.

PubH 6450: Biostatistics I. This is an introductory course, taught in the classroom. Here is the Fall 2012 syllabus; the course web site is accessible to enrolled students only through Moodle.

PubH 7415: Introduction to Clinical Trials. This is an introductory course, taught on-line. The course web site is accessible to enrolled students only through Moodle.

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A reasonably current copy of my CV is here.

I received the Leonard M. Schuman Excellence in Teaching Award in the School of Public Health in 2002.

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