Richly Parameterized Linear Models: Additive, Time Series, and Spatial Models Using Random Effects

This page is now updated fairly regularly, until recently only for Errata (alas) but more recently with Follow-on and Discussion.

I've added a section (on 26 September 2014) called "Credit where credit is due" describing instances in which another person had previously done something that I put in my book, or something really close, and I didn't give them credit because I didn't know of their work. To all these people, I apologize for my slack scholarship.


  • Sample chapters.

  • Datasets.

  • Unpublished manuscripts cited in the book.

  • Errata: Regular, small errors are listed on this page. For three larger errors, I've re-written the sections as follows:

  • Credit where credit is due. All cases described on this page arose from my insufficiently diligent scholarship, and I hereby issue a blanket apology. I will include these citations, with suitable changes in the text, in the second edition, if there is one.

  • Follow-on and Discussion. This page includes

  • Computer code. Putting my computer code on a web site feels like selling my elementary-school art class paintings on eBay, but my editor at C&H suggested this, so I'll do it sooner or later. (But embarrassing myself publicly in this manner is a low-priority item, so don't hold your breath.)